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Why Start a Blog?

I am one of those people who currently has far too much time on my hands. I left my last job to begin maternity leave last September and ever since then I’ve found that I’m stuck for things to do, constantly bored and I can never think of anything to spend my time doing while my daughter takes her naps and keeps to herself.

So I up and decided to start a blog. I have always enjoyed writing and used to write a lot when I was younger – with age I’ve fallen out of love with a lot of things I used to do casually and it’s lead to me feeling like much of a person in recent years. I need to find new hobbies, new things to love. The life of a parent is new to me and I’m learning as I go along but without a job at the moment (there’s a search going on, though it’s a slow one) I have far more time than I know what to do with. The boyfriend always said I need to find a new hobbie so here it is. Lets give it a go.

This blog is going to contain a lot of different things. I’m not sure where I am going with it yet but I have a whole range of things that I enjoy talking about and discussing, though I don’t expect to get a lot of attention. I like to think that even talking to a blank page for a while is good for the soul, especially when you have noone else to share your musings with.

So first of all, you will see posts about my daughter. That’s for sure. I started out as a single mother and still spend a lot of time on my own (there is a plan to move in with the boyfriend at the moment but it’s still just a plan) and so am still considered to be single in the respect of a single mother. I find it hard to find posts for new parents in my situation – her biological father has never met my daughter (despite my efforts to get him involved) so I refuse to acknowledge him as anything but the bio-father, the boyfriend is definitely her daddy and has done an amazing job with her already, despite her only being 6 months.

Also on this blog you will find my opinions, my loves, my detests, my favourites, my confusions, my emotions, my break downs. I’m only human. We all have these in our lives and that won’t change. Why are mine more important than everyone elses’? Lets be honest, they’re not, but I decided to make a blog to express mine and other people should too if that’s what they’re aiming for.

I am more than sure I will be doing a small bit of self promotion on here for all kinds of products that I love and have reviewed in the past – mainly because as a single mother these products are part of the joys in my life. I am pretty addicted to sex and lingerie and I am so curious about every other thing in the world that I find things I can’t help but share, so you will see some of that too. If you’re not into that kind of thing this probably isn’t the place for you, but like I said earlier I intend on this blog being a little bit of everything.

The title of this blog comes from one of my favourite songs which you can find here. This is a band I love and have loved for years despite my tastes changing. I’ve always been one to believe that anything that withstands the passage of time is something that you should cherish – this band is one of those. The message of the song is something that I can relate to and the title is so broad and simple but complicated at the same time. I’m using it for this blog in the context that we can never tell how long we have left in life, and no one knows when the privilege of living is going to be taken away, so we should treasure everything we have and everything we do. Taking note of everything, on a daily basis to live events, that’s what this blog is for. That’s my aim. To show everyone that I plan to enjoy my life regardless of what has already happened and what will happen.

So you’ve already found out one of my favourites, plenty more where that one came from. Feel free to follow, though this blog may become 18+ in later days.

Kitten. x


2 thoughts on “Why Start a Blog?

  1. This is a great first post! I love your style of writing, it’s similar to mine in the sense that you write how you speak. I look forward to more of your posts πŸ™‚


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