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On Getting a New Job

If you have read my ‘About Me’ section you will understand that I started this blog as a way to waste some time while I am out of work. I thought initially that it was going to take a lot longer for me to find a job but only earlier last week I learned that I have secured a position with a company that I am so excited to start working with! I was terrified initially as my maternity payments are due to end at the beginning of June and I would not have been able to afford my rent had a not found a job before that. It had been on my mind for weeks – I started looking for work about three months ago and could not keep my mind off of how I was going to afford anything. It’s so scary to have to worry about these things as a parent, on my own I would have been find, but I now have more responsibility and my daughter is at no fault but may end up in an awful situation if I fail her. It’s my responsibility to do the best for her, after all.

So here I am, exactly 8 days away from starting at a new job and I am incredibly excited. I was so nervous for the interview, I had an interview with this company about a week beforehand and was not successful so that put me on a real downer – it does when you have so much at stake if you do not get the job. I felt miserable, like a bit of a failure. What was I going to do? I had two weeks left to find a job and I was looking for something pretty specific – I had completely ruled out temporary work which is usually what the agency wants you to go for, and I had ruled out any job that would not pay me if I needed time off for dependency. I also needed something with social hours somewhere within a decent location and that matched well with the boyfriends schedule. Then this job came up. I was sent the job description and was amazed to learn that it was exactly the same as what my previous job was (although from the impression I got at the interview, slightly less busy) and I was ecstatic! I knew I had a chance with this on, whereas the other job I went for with this company was something entirely different.

Down to the interview. Now I was nervous for the first one. I knew that a lot of people in the company I had worked for in the past had moved over to this company as it has a better reputation and treats its employees really well. That alone made me want to work for them. But then there is also the fact that the office this company are situated in is gorgeous! The views are spectacular and I loved being shown around a little by the ladies interviewing me. They have a small lobby with a bar (non-alcoholic of course, a coffee bar, if you will) and the lights in there are magnificent. I spent about 10 minutes in the reception – arriving early is a must for interviews – and took some time to take in my surroundings. It sent chills down my spine to think that I could possibly be working there in a couple of weeks time.

I was greeted by the lady in charge of the team looking for newbies. She was not much taller than me and very cheerful – a great start in my opinion. We shook hands, took the elevator and headed to a private room booked for my interview. The interview was mostly competency based questions; ‘Can you give us an example of when you worked in a team?’, ‘Why would you be a good asset to the company?’ I enjoy these types of questions and had my answers prepared. This is where the second interview I had there differs. It was for a different team – the call centre team – and to my surprise they wanted me to buddy up with on of the employees for 30 minutes at the end of the interview. I loved this part of it – getting to sit in and actually see what I would be doing in the job role – much better than having it described on a piece of paper. I had a small chat with the lady I was sat with (who was a right sweetheart) who said she thought I would fit in perfectly!

It is always an odd feeling when I know I’m proud of myself – just in the nick of time! I feel over the moon about my new job. There’s so much opportunity and I am so grateful to have been chosen for this position. Often I have noticed that people take their jobs for granted – I know one girl who has had two jobs in her life and did not even last a month in both! I personally do not understand this, I love working. I love feeling like part of a company that treats its employees well and cherishes their work. I will miss my daughter though – starting the new job does mean that I will no longer be staying home and enjoying long days with her. Thankfully I have family willing to baby sit her and will still get to spend all the time in the evenings. And now that I have a stead income coming my way I’ll be able to treat her to a lot more special things which is what I have wanted since I found out I was pregnant. I hope she understands in the future how much I would love to give her and how hard I am planning on working to give her a future that is reflective of that.

It was nice to finally be able to tell my family and friends that I have a job – especially considering I was the butt of a lot of jokes for a while for being one of the few people around to be unemployed – well hah, lets see the reaction I get now that I am one of them. Maternity leave has been fun but I really feel there’s nothing I want more now than to get a foot in the door in starting a proper life with the boyfriend and my daughter. It’s going to be an exciting future for all three of us – and maybe that number will increase once we are settled. Myself getting a job was the first step in our starting to save for a mortgage and starting our life together properly.

So proud of myself for the first time in what feels like an age.

Kitten. x


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