About Me

I am a young, single mother to one. I live on a small isle in the middle of the Irish Sea and I have started a blog to try and find myself a new hobbie – the boyfriend is always telling me I need to do something with myself.

Currently I am on the hunt for a job, so I do have a lot of time on my hands. I have my gorgeous daughter who takes up a lot of it but she’s still young and sleeps a lot during the day, leaving me twiddling my thumbs while I pace around rooms looking for something to take my fancy.

The name KittenFeatures (for those wondering) comes from the fact that I am pretty small and real cute. I’m 5’1 and struggle to reach to reach the top cupboard in every single place that I live in. Thankfully the boyfriend is taller and I stand on his toes if he doesn’t help me.

This blog will be update with all kinds of random posts about all kinds of random things. I will try and keep the tags under catagories so that you can see what you prefer to see but these things take time and organisation and I was blessed with good ol’ ADHD so I may miss things along the way.

I am going to admit that sex is going to be something I do make frequent posts about as it is something that I love and indulge in an a hell of a lot so this blog will become 18+ in the near future. Just a heads up to anyone that isn’t into that kind of content.

Kitten x

I have several social media accounts and if anyone would like to connect to me via these please let me know. I have left them off the blog for the time being as I’m not sure I want to add them at this time.